Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Lounge - Sunday 21st March

The final Lounge of the term was a great evening. The film was made, the talk was written and the candles were lit. Another good team effort. We were pleased to have some guests, some new people and some freshers with us for the first time.

Matt kicked off the evening with some good stuff and Dave treated us all to a bit of slide guitar.

The theme this week was 'Jesus the Revolutionary'. Rach shared this week. She commented on our common desire for change and our appreciation of people who can actually change situations for good. She pointed out how Jesus has made a huge difference on an international stage and on the lives of many individuals including her own. She talked about facing exam stress and also facing family difficulties and that when we want change, Jesus is the person to go to.

The girls organised an Easter egg decorating competition which added an Easter theme to the evening. (I was gutted not to even get third place.) The open mic saw quite a lot of banter flow and many sang along when James Slater pulled out a couple of classics.

It was a really fun evening. We have great bunch of students in our Church and it has been awesome to be a part of it as God builds us together as part of His Church. Following the example of Matt Giles, a few of the boys finished the evening off with a trip to McDonald's. Perfect.

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