Thursday, 4 February 2010

Love Jesus. Love Exeter.

Was great to be together last night at 'Church together'. It's good to hear vision for the future.

I arrived in this city as a student to take all I could get. God has transformed me along with a couple of hundred others who now want to give all we can to our city. As Christians we are called, and we are excited to love Jesus and love our city Exeter. We want all we do to communicate something of the heart of God to our city as we look ahead.

We want our lives to help people see something of the grace of God.

We want our website to really serve our guests and potential visitors well, catching something of God's heart for the city. (We are currently in a 'research phase' for this venture.)

We're aiming to improve our Sundays with our key leaders taking things to the next level.

Sarah Matz on set up, Barry and Christine on welcome and Jane helping to build a response/follow up team as we look at our hospitality.

We are also looking to bring Matt Giles on staff for one day per week to help develop our musical worship pursuing the power of God in our meetings. Steve Blake shared a snippet of this last night.

We are working hard to improve our anchoring and hosting for visitors explaining as we go. Rob Wilmot talked about walking into a betting shop and not having a clue! We don't want that to be the experience for our guests.

We are working hard as always to improve our preaching.

It was good to hear about the Foodbank as we increasingly look at caring for the poor.

In light of this we are having a gift day at the end of Feb to get things going. Money will be spent on staff, branding & web and equipment as we seek to love Jesus and love Exeter with all we can give.
He doesn't have to use us. But it's His glory and our joy that he does. What an adventure we are on...


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