Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Lounge - Sunday 7th Feb

I enjoyed The Lounge again last week. The good music gives an atmosphere to chat, meet new people and catch up with students within our church. Alex played well and James Dixon (my house favourite) was on form as usual. A couple of people took to the open mic which the guys enjoyed.

We continued our series on 'Diamond Jesus'. Each week looking at a facet of the character of Jesus. This week James Slater picked up 'Jesus - the greatest leader ever'. I enjoyed hearing him speak so confidently about Jesus. Thanks to Dan Partridge for expressing his appreciation for James in what only can be described as a song of adoration.(!)

We watched the video then James outlined why he feels Jesus is the greatest leader ever.
  1. The impact that he had on his immediate followers. These men turned the world upside down.
  2. The impact he had in his region and nation. Thousands of people came from across the region to hear this man speak.
  3. The legacy that has shaped history. He stands as the man who has made the greatest impact on humanity in every way. Time magazine called Jesus 'Man of the Millennium'.

James finished by sharing personally how he's found Jesus an amazing man to follow through the reading of His word and the power of His Spirit. I found it very helpful and insightful to ponder Jesus in this capacity. Jesus was an exceptional man from whichever standpoint. The leaves us all with the question, is he a man worth following?

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  1. ...all that influence by the humblest of service. Phenomenal.