Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Lounge - Sunday 31st Jan

Wow. I really enjoyed The Lounge this Sunday. The music was exceptional. James Dixon was on form and it was great to have Mark & Celine with us. A good crowd joined us for the evening to see Mark play. It was great to be able to host a whole new group of people.

Tim gave a good thought and testimony about Jesus the adventurer. He reflected on how Jesus is a man who takes his followers on an epic adventure. He referenced the lives of the original disciples. Men who turned the world upside down and also shared how his life has completely changed. Tim has gone from a boy who needed speech therapy to a man who has travelled the region this year telling people about Jesus. It was great to hear his own experience.

This term we are working through a series called, 'Diamond Jesus'. Each Lounge a different person will be sharing a different facet of the character of Jesus which they particularly admire. I'm looking forward to next week. :-)

The Lounge continues to be a place where you can connect well with other students in the Church as well as bringing those who do not go to Church. All seem to enjoy the evening and receive the teaching well.

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