Friday, 12 February 2010

I.D. 3 Be Baptized...

I love it that Jesus asked his followers to do something 2,000 years ago and we get to live out his commands so visibly in Exeter!

Believers Baptism

Baptism is clearly for believers in the New Testament. Our faith alone saves, but the faith that saves is never alone. If you love Jesus and trust Him, you will want to be baptized. Baptism is part of the initiation of NT Christianity. Jesus leads the way for us and we have the privileged of following in his footsteps.

I believe that in obeying Jesus, the Spirit is at work dynamically and something special happens in our relationship with God. Often habits and past problems can be broken and our life with God can really kick on.

Why are you here?

Baptism also teaches us much about the Christian life. (Romans 6) Going under the water is a picture of how we have died to our old lives. Our ambitions, dreams, rights and old desires are all on the alter as it were.

We are freed from our old lives, released and empowered to live for our maker. Awesome. At the I.D. course in this session I like to ask, "Why are you here in Exeter?" If the answer is not first in response to God, then I would suggest we need to visit or re-visit our death, that we can truly find life.

Jesus said as recorded in Matthew 10:39 "Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it."

We have a baptism service in two weeks time where people will be declaring their deaths, and their new lives in Christ! Life looks and feels so different as we lay aside ourselves and look to love God and love others. It starts with Baptism.

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