Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Are they coming? Are we going?!

I feel as a Church we are here to bless our city. The ultimate blessing is of course to introduce people to Jesus.


Part of our plan to do this effectively is to have a place where we can invite people who would like to hear about Jesus. As a Church we're looking at improving our Sunday mornings. Our next offering (March 7th) we are looking to raise funds to make our Sunday mornings more effective in blessing our city. This is one part of our effort.


For most of us, most of our time blessing the people of our city will not be done in our meetings. For most of us, we'll bless our city by going to people and seeking to serve and bless in various contexts. Neighbourhoods, workplaces, sports clubs, mums groups etc.

We are called to be like Jesus. Jesus left the comfort and peace of being with the Father to come to us. He entered our culture. He eat our food. He learnt human language.

Jesus said about his disciples in John 17:18 "As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world."

We are sent people. I think is important that we value this and encourage both invitational and incarnational lives. This is less comfortable, but God always equips us for what we are called to. I'm less keen on Christian football teams, Christian golf, Christian this and that. I feel personally We meet as a family on Sundays and midweek. My next aim is to 'GO!' and meet people in the city who I can bless.

I found these notes stimulating and provocative from the Acts 29 blog:

(Especially as a full time Christian worker!)

1. Eat with Non-Christians
Go to lunch with a co-worker, not by yourself. Invite the neighbors over for family dinner. Have cookouts and invite Christians and non-Christians. Flee the Christian subculture.

2. Walk, Don’t Drive
If you live in a walkable area, make a practice of getting out and walking around your neighborhood, apartment complex, or campus. Take interest in your neighbors. Ask questions. Engage. Pray as you go.

3. Be a Regular
Instead of hopping all over the city for gas, groceries, haircuts, eating out, and coffee, go to the same places at the same times. Get to know the staff. Smile. Ask questions. Be a regular.

4. Hobby with Non-Christians
Get out and do something you enjoy with others. Try city league sports or local rowing and cycling teams. Share your hobby by teaching lessons, such as sewing, piano, knitting, or tennis lessons. Be prayerful. Be intentional. Be winsome. Have fun. Be yourself.

5. Talk to Your Co-workers
How hard is that? Take your breaks with intentionality. Go out with your team or task force after work. Show interest in your co-workers. Pick four and pray for them. Form moms’ groups in your neighborhood and don’t make them exclusively non-Christian. Schedule play dates with the neighbors’ kids.

6. Volunteer with Non-Profits
Find a non-profit in your part of the city and take a Saturday a month to serve your city. Bring your neighbors, your friends, or your small group. Spend time with your church serving your city. Once a month. You can do it!

7. Participate in City Events
Instead of playing XBox, watching TV, or surfing the net, participate in city events. Go to fundraisers, festivals, cleanups, summer shows, and concerts. Strike up conversation. Study the culture. Reflect on what you see and hear. Pray for the city. Love the city. Participate with the city.

8. Serve Your Neighbors
Help a neighbor by weeding, mowing, building a cabinet, or fixing a car. Stop by the neighborhood association or apartment office and ask if there is anything you can do to help improve things. Ask your local Police and Fire Stations if there is anything you can do to help them. Get creative. Just serve!

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  1. This is absolutely spot on. So easy to get stuck in a Christian Bubble.