Monday, 4 January 2010

Sending our best

I was reminded by a man I have a deep respect for, that the Christian life is full of paradox's. It was Jesus' death that brings us life. It is by losing our own lives that we find life. This weekend it was through painfully sending one of our most gifted and joyful families from our Church to Bolivia, Santa Cruz that we celebrate and rejoice in their obedience and faith in God. We would have it no other way.
We had a 'sending service' for Ben and Roz (& Baby Chloe) on Sunday. They have been with us for around for six years and now make their move to continue building God's local Church. Ben preached and we gathered to pray for the family in this very exciting stage.

Ben shared 5 reasons they are going to Bolivia:

1) They have been called by God to Bolivia progressively over the last few years.
They have read His Word.
They have spoken to wise Christians & elders.
They have spoken to God a lot.
They have pursued answers and received through the prophetic ministry.
They have explored and tested what God seemed to be saying.
They are in agreement.
2) God has provided through people for this move.

3) They are Christians. They will go wherever God wants them to go.

4) They are going to build a local Church as God's means of changing and offering hope to people.
5) They are being sent by Frontiers Church Exeter and will continue relationship with us.

We have all really appreciated this couple over the last few years. Ben's preaching gift I believe is exceptional and has blessed many people. He has served me well and honestly with the impact team and blessed many through homegroup leadership. Roz had pioneered with teaching English as a foreign language and made relationships with a number of women in the city and of course being a wife and mother. Who can forget their party trick with which they kind of introduced themselves to the church with... Bum drumming?!

It was an emotional day for the Church family. It is funny how you can feel closely knitted on mission together then God calls people elsewhere. I went to give Ben a hug on Sunday and found my self a little overwhelmed with tears. It seems all that herbal tea is having an effect on me! We do celebrate walking with God but we also feel the loss of immediate contact. This seems to be the nature of our mission and the nature of our Church. We will send our best, it will be painful and we will rejoice!
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