Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Leadership Training

As part of my leadership training I travel to Brighton to study. Around 30 people gather every two months for four days of lectures and open forums led by Andrew Wilson. Andrew Wilson is a very gifted teacher from Kings Church Eastbourne.

I stay with a great host family who look after me and another guy very well. There is a cool bottle of beer waiting for us on the table as soon as we get through the door!

Last week we had a day with Andrew Wilson teaching on the 'doctrine of man'. This was followed by two days with Mick Taylor on homiletics (how to preach) and a day with my hero (!) Steve Tibbert on leadership. I decided against asking for his autograph and settled for taking in as much wisdom as I could.

Steve Tibbert has grown a big Church in Catford. Every year they have grown by another 100 members and they continue to grow. He is a very inspirational man and has shaped much of my thinking from relatively very little input.

On Tuesday evening we had an open forum with Terry Virgo at his house. I was able to ask a couple of questions about the role of apostles and surrounding issues. Terry is very gracious to give time to receive and respond to questions from puppies like me! :-)

I'm very grateful for the chance to learn from men of such wisdom and experience. I hope what I receive I can use well to be a blessing in my context.

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