Thursday, 21 January 2010

I.D. 1

Last night we had the pleasure of having around twenty people into our home to kick off the I.D. course. The course lays down what we believe as a Church and invites our guests to join us on the mission.
Andy hosted and led the teaching with me along side him making a contribution. It was good to meet and speak to new people. I look forward to getting to know this group more as they walk the course with us.
I really enjoyed pondering the truth of what we believe again. We were served well by James Slater and Kath Dags who made sure our students arrived ok and had a lift home afterwards. They have done great work all year.
Last night we outlined:
  • Jesus claimed to be God.
  • It all hangs on his resurrection.
  • The evidence...

If he has risen... 7 implications for how we build this Church:

  • Jesus is God.
  • He can be trusted.
  • The OT is God's Word.
  • He promised his teaching would be faithfully passed on. (NT)
  • His sheep will hear His voice.
  • The Bible is our highest court of authority.
  • We seek to handle the Bible diligently.

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