Wednesday, 2 December 2009

One Church - One vision - Two services...

Over the last few years our Church has continued to grow. In September this year we took two massive steps of faith.

1) Bringing me onto staff full time.
2) Going from one to two services.

Currently our Church is hovering around 200 members.
As the Church gets bigger there is a temptation to feel, 'others will do it.' When the Church was 50-100 if you didn't do something, nothing would happen.
Despite appearances the same thing is true today. As we have grown we have increased our faith and therefore our spending according to God, and the numbers he has added to us. As a Church we are 'all hands on deck'. The financial challenge is there for all of us, and the volunteer challenge of going to two services is very real week to week. Teas & coffees, set up, sound, music, welcome, visuals, home group leading, rent, wages, Alpha, Beta and many more challenges are being met each week. Many of our people are serving hard at the moment and as a team we are excited and determined to bring on more staff in the new year to meet increasing vision and faith.
I find my heart is revealed when I look at my diary and read my bank statements. I know Jesus burns with passion for His bride and for this city and so I cannot help but be drawn to His mission. I'm very excited about continued growth and facing the challenges this brings as a family on a mission. I'm glad to be surrounded by people who share His heart and have a good sense of challenge and faith about what we're doing.

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