Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Merry Christmas

We had a great time as a family as we gathered for our Christmas Celebration.
Matt Giles and his band led us very well. It was good to start with 'Oh come all ye faithful' and 'Hark the herald angels sing'. There were prayers of thanksgiving, prophetic words of hope and restoration and readings from the Bible.
Simon and the team did a great job to set up the hall and the trees the day before. John and Fi had a party with the kids and Chris Mitch gave a great talk on the amazing gift of God to us - Himself! The morning was a good team effort.
John Fielder spoke powerfully for us about Christmas. He shared some amusing stories about growing up and sharing Christmas with his in laws! He then walked us through some questions...
  • Who was this baby?

Was he God as a baby? Did he grow into a man who is God?

  • What has that got to do with me and you?

Is he a badman? Is he lunatic? or... could he be God?

It was great to have guests among us, enjoy mince pies, and catch up with some who have not been with us for a while.

I was struck by the weight and the amazing news that God came to us. We have something truly unparalleled to celebrate during this season.


  1. Come thou long expected Jesus is such a great 'carol'. What a blessing to have someone like Matt to select such great songs for us to sing for our encouragement and for the praise of our God.

  2. Yes mate. Gilo is brilliant. :-)