Saturday, 5 December 2009

High Sundays

There are certain Sundays in the year when we expect to have a high numbers of guests among us.
We have found that Baptisms and dedications bring a lot of people into Church to see family and friends who would not otherwise attend.
Similarly at Christmas many of our friends and family are open to visit Church when they normally would not. We refer to these kinds of Sundays as 'High Sundays'.
We really want to welcome and serve our guests well. We want to give a flavour of who we are, and serve people where they are at.
This Christmas, Matt will be leading a time of worship with a strong band. He is very gifted and serves people well. He'll bring a Christmas theme for this occasion. John Fielder will be sharing something on the subject, 'Who is this Christ?' I will be welcoming and we will be enjoying mince pies afterwards.
This is a big week for all those in our Church. A great week to invite friends and a good time for all of our teams including kids, PA, set up & welcome teams.
We expect to have a good time together and meet lots of new people. We hope people may will visiting us again and maybe see a few people sign up for Alpha in January! We look forward to seeing you there. :-)

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