Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Christmas Lounge - December 6th

I really enjoyed The Christmas Lounge. Nat and Annabel worked really hard and the bar looked great. Lights, ribbons and decorations galore provided the a good Christmas 'feel' to the evening.
I've had a great time getting to know new people simply from being at the Lounge this term and the numbers of new people every week is very encouraging.
Dave opened the evening with some slide guitar and then some regular playing and singing. The open mic contributions varied from accomplished to entertaining! The Christmas video was great then Tim brought a thought to share.
Tim was brilliant. He shared a few funny frustrations about the 'tack' at Christmas and suggested that millions of people gathering around nativity scenes each year might be part of this tack. He went on the comment about why this birth (of Jesus) was unlike any other. He then drew two simple yet life changing observations...
1) God likes/loves us. To enter into human form leaving heaven and taking on flesh tells us that our maker has a specific interest in us.
2) We can know God. No need for speculation. If we want to know God, we can go to Jesus.

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