Monday, 30 November 2009

The Lounge - Sunday 29th November

Another full bar enjoyed live music from Alex and Ben, playing keys and guitar, followed by our very own Tim Allen. I like The Lounge. I got the chance to connect with more people within our Church and also had a chance to meet guests who were with us again. Some had been before and some were there for the first time.
The theme of the evening was alcohol/drunkenness. Jono's work on the videos this term has been exceptional. This week I thought was insightful of the variety of views among students when it comes to alcohol consumption. It was also very funny. We heard stories of one student mistaking his laptop for a toilet and another losing their nipple!?
I shared my experience of drinking culture at university and the reasons I think people love the smash! Drunkenness brings community, adventure and freedom from thinking about yourself all the time! I went on to speak about becoming a Christian and being under the influence of something a little different...
"Do not be drunk from wine... but be filled with the Spirit."
I talked about how authentic Christianity is supernatural living. Community, adventure and freedom from thinking about yourself all the time! I talked a bit about Jesus and a bit about the early Church in Acts. I was clear that drunkenness is not acceptable among believers but that our goal is not just to be sober, but be filled with the Spirit. We then had a short break before I interviewed a friend of mine about supernatural living and healing he had seen in the last few weeks. John Fielder is a legend.

I hope that our guests found the evening provocative and that all the Christians were more than challenged to pursue authentic Christian living.
We also picked up a few questions from the texts. Here are a few rough notes from how John and I responded
  • "You have the Spirit, I have my alcohol. Comments?"
John and I both commented on the negative effects of alcohol and the positive effects of the Spirit on individuals and the community. The Spirit takes you to God himself!
  • "Can Christians smoke weed in moderation?"
Christians are called to obey the law. So no. Also why would you give yourself to be under the influence of drugs when you can know God himself. Its a poor substitute.
  • "Some people say, 'if you don't want to get wet, stay out of the river.' Can this principle apply to alcohol?"
Yes and no. If you find it difficult to drink and not get drunk, we'd look at the principle of the weaker brother in scripture to help. (Romans 14) We're not aiming for a blanket ban however. The aim is that we are filled by the Spirit and enjoy a drink, just like Jesus.


  1. Stu, Read your blog here & wondering if you might be interested in writing as a guest on our blog EatFleshDrinkBlood? Check it out and let us know your thoughts???
    We would love to have you! Lisa Northcraft

  2. Greetings to all, in the name of our both Lord and Savior, Jesus, the Christ, and our soon coming King of Kings and Lord of Lord's.
    Some within our world today...are saying...if not with words, by their life style, Jesus: if you're truly coming back again...Please...make it at a different I'm now living it up, to the fullest extent, me being involved with sinful practices.

    Let me say this: there is no life within sinful practices, When living your life in sin, you're not truly living you're only existing, from day to day.
    Partaking in sinful practices has the appearance of living it up...even so; you're only partaking of a rebellious also a seducing spirit, also selling your soul far too cheaply.

    True fun is flowing in live...true life only comes from the giver of life...the one who gives life and that more abundantly, "Jesus."

    Warm Regards

    William Dunigan