Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Lounge - Sunday 15th November

We had another good night at The Lounge this week. The bar was packed again and half the people there were guests who really seemed to enjoy the evening. James Dickson opened the evening. He is class and a really good bloke. Another guest Jo played second and he is also very talented. The open mic was brilliant again. Contributions were of a very high standard and good to watch. I particularly enjoyed the keys and guitar combination and I was loving the slide guitar.
The topic for the evening was 'sex preaches'. I told some stories of my experience of teaching in Church and suggested the idea that sex is a good gift that tells us about God. I shared a verse from the Bible about having sex outside - God is good. :-) The joy and thrill of sex tells us he is a God who gives us good gifts to enjoy and bless us. Knowing Jesus, "better than orgasm!" Good sex is merely a signpost to the maker. The relational depth of connection tells us something of the relational nature of God and the context (within marriage) tells us something of God's commitment to his people.
I had some fun answering questions which were text in...
Does size matter?!
If I'm willing to die for my partner, can I sleep with them?
Should Christians go to the safer sex ball?
Is passionate kissing ok if you're not married?
I was glad to be open and honest and also to teach directly what God says about these issues in a way people seemed to be receiving. Thank you Jesus.


  1. You don't get to get away with that. Blog the answers to the questions brother, come on...

  2. All of them :)
    Seriously, show us how you approach these questions, would be a service to your readers, and equip people to handle them outside the lounge too.