Thursday, 19 November 2009

Lounge Q & A request...

Here are some rough notes from how I responded to some questions last week for those interested...

Does size matter?!
This was a joke, but I felt it was worth picking up. Within the context of an exclusive life long sexual relationship your partner is your standard of beauty and body composition that God made for you. Within marriage you can enjoy the adventure and exploration of enjoying each other free from false comparisons. So size can bless... but then 'its not the size of the fish - its the motion in the ocean'...?! haha. The most import dynamic for good sex lives is commitment, trust and exclusivity in marriage built on faith in Jesus.
If I'm willing to die for my partner, can I sleep with them?
If you are willing to die for them, then you should marry them. Then you can sleep with them.
Should Christians go to the safer sex ball?

Questions to consider...
What are you living for?
What are you trying to build with your life?
Does this help or hinder?
I'd say given the levels of alcohol consumption and nakedness that I would not go because it would be both unhelpful and unfruitful.
Is passionate kissing ok if you're not married?
In the Church, if you are not married, you are brother and sister. How do you kiss within your family? I know this might depend on where you grew up but its not normal! She/he may marry someone else. How would you feel to be at their wedding?


  1. I think that he question on passionate kissing before marriage is an interesting one. I would say that the level (seriousness) of the relationship is an important factor. Obviously treating members of the opposite sex as brothers/sisters is such an important part of how as christians we live and interact with each other. But I also think that that relationship starts to change during courting and engagement and not just suddenly during the wedding. Therefore if it is an engaged couple are they still meant to be treating each other purely as brothers and sisters and nothing more or is there relationship somewhere between siblings and husband and wife?
    Think your answer was totally right for the lounge setting just had some other thoughts on it. Great blog though

  2. A classic example of how black & white principles need to be applied with care depending on the situation!

    Thanks for serving by sharing these. Great answers, particularly to "If I'm willing to die for my partner, can I sleep with them?" (which is a great question too).