Wednesday, 25 November 2009

In step, every step...

If I was to go out for day with my wife and ignore her for long periods when she wanted to communicate with me I'd be an idiot. It would be very rude to the one I love and not helpful for our relationship.
If I was to be in a key meeting at work, and had a world expert in the room, and did not ask for his/her advice I would be a fool. If I had the designer of my work sat next to me and made big decisions without consultation I would be a fool.
If I was at home working out how best to love my family and had someone there who was an expert in family life, leadership and counselling, and I did not seek their help, something would be deeply wrong.
If I told you I love and respect someone in life above all else and did not passionately seek communication every day, I'm not sure you would believe me.

As a Christian, I have the Spirit of God walking with me each day in every situation. The eternal Spirit (Hebrews 9v14) uncreated along with the Father and the Son was there in the beginning. (Genesis 1v2) He is fully God and is of equal majesty and everlasting glory. He is maker of all, expert of all, and He loves people. He designed family, he is an expert in every discipline. He is the great counsellor. He is God with me. Its so easy to forget Him! It's so easy to be a foolish, proud, uncaring, hypocrite it seems...

I'm glad He is so patient.

I'm glad He is forgiving.

I'm glad and excited that He is so willing.

I'm inspired to walk with Him more each day.

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