Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Don

One of the best things about New Frontiers Leadership training is the chance to meet men who have built churches and fought great battles for the gospel.
Don Smith has planted two successful Churches in his lifetime. Last year I was introduced to him. I reached my hand out to shake his and he punched me in the stomach. I was a bit shocked but felt an invitation to banter so I went to rugby tackle him and lifted him up on my shoulder. I then realised I had an old man on my shoulders and that I should probably put him down - gently! So let him down. As soon as his feet were on the floor he got me into a headlock and wrestled me to the floor. It was on... Welcome to leadership training.
This year Don was a little more mellow. Classic Don jokes were around. "80% of people die in their beds, so get up!" He was pumping vision for the local Church. He was preaching how there is no other plan and the his conviction of church planting. Brilliant.

He answered questions for the young leaders and finished by laying out these three simple yet profound and sustaining comments for us youngsters...
1) Know that God has called you and that HE will equip you.
2) Work hard. No substitute for hard work.
3) Stand on the Bible and walk with the Spirit.

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