Thursday, 5 November 2009

Alpha - The reality of the human condition

Was good again to gather among friends and have some banter around the table. I love the way through the Church and through friends I'm always meeting new people and enjoying the company of new friends. I'm looking forward to some golf with a couple of the boys. Our next 'Band of Brothers' event is November 22nd. This cannot come quick enough. At the moment we all have to face the horrible reality of Matt Giles walking round as the self proclaimed 'strongest man in the Church' which was again a dominant topic over dinner!

The topic for the evening was, 'the problem'. John Fielder talked us through the thorough pollution of the human heart and the ultimate penalty.

Whenever hell is talked about it provokes a response. Some are deeply offended, others are provoked to really think and take Jesus seriously for the first time. We had some great questions being considered on our table. 'What's the point of trying to be a good person if my best efforts are filthy rags?' 'How are we saved if the situation is so bleak and depressing?'.

Personally I was struck again at the depth and reality of my need for a saviour. The reality of eternity and the weight of the message we carry.

I guess when pondering hell a couple of questions will always need considering...
  • How do you define good?
  • Who can judge?
  • How bad is the crime?
  • How valuable is the object of our offence?

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