Thursday, 19 November 2009

Alpha - Faith

I really enjoyed Alpha last night. I do fear that may have been guilty of over eating! Good to have dinner among friends again and great to catch up with Ben and Roz and hear about Bolivia.

John spoke on repentance and faith after grace last week. He made some very helpful points about faith. We all choose what to trust and rely upon with our decisions big and small. The question is what or who do you trust? He shared the joy of repentance. Its truly awesome that we get to turn from whatever we are doing and turn to trusting and believing our maker.

Some good points and observations were made in our discussion...
  • Many people seem to trust and put 'faith in' friends and family values or achievement in whatever form.
  • Faith and reason have a curious relationship. They are certainly not opposites. But many people exercise blind faith in friends and family or achievements which don't promise what we look to them for.
  • When comparing Jesus as someone to trust it can stir both a sense of security and stability for some and provoke fear in others.
It was a real privilege to hear people speaking honestly about these issues.

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