Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Why every student should consider applying for Impact

Many students finish university and would be wise to consider an Impact year. The timing and quality of this year offers a unique opportunity...

  • To build deep foundations in God through extended study and teaching.
  • To work in a team of people who are passionate for God.
  • To explore identify and grow specific areas of gifting.
  • To leave a genuine and lasting investment in people and their walk with God.
  • To establish yourself as a servant to the bless the city.
  • To see the Church grow and gather momentum.
  • To prepare you for the next phase of life in God.

For many the timing of this year is perfect...

No wife/family to support yet. No mortgage commitments yet. No work commitments yet.

If you are considering serving in this way, keep your eyes open for application forms and interview dates.

1 comment:

  1. ..other options are available too!
    Though I do think Impact is great.