Thursday, 8 October 2009

Men of conviction

I have grown up in a generation whose parents have de valued and eroded family and roles within the family as God intends. Divorce, separation and bad marriages are common experiences inside and outside the Church.

Some men abuse. Being physically stronger some men dominate and abuse women. Some men abdicate. They do not take responsibility and let their wives carry the weight which God has asked them to carry to release the wife to be all she should be. Some explain this role away but God still holds men accountable.

I see a generation

I am increasingly finding myself around young men who by God's grace have a deep conviction and a hunger to be the men who God has made them to be. A burn which drives men to make big decisions, to be open and appreciative of direct rebukes and a commitment to love wives self sacrificially. I even find students wanting to prepare for this calling. I find this refreshing and exciting.

Do you see the beauty?

Men made to lead as head (1cor11v3) to provide (1Tim5v8) to protect and guide morally (Gen2v16-17) (Eph5v26) and to lay down his life down for his wife just like Jesus did for the Church. (Eph5v25).

Our women should feel loved, valued, treasured, prioritized, cared for, covered, secure, prayed for, supported, lead well and released into all kinds of ministry. Teaching (Titus2) Leading ministry areas, mission and loads more.

A great sermon from CJ Mahaney
"A husbands responsibility and how to change" which I think outlines the truth but also the beauty of God's plan. "Who would not want a head like that?!"

My hope

Currently New Frontiers stick out like a sore thumb in the evangelical world with regard to gender roles both in marriage and Church. I know many do not come to our Church over this issue. I hope as men we start by taking responsibility in building a culture where the wonder of God's plan and the beauty of it are evident in every mans heart, every household and in our Church. A place where men honour and serve women as sisters and wives unlike the world has seen for generations. A place where both men and women can be all God intends with great joy. A place which teaches and demonstrates a way out of the mess of broken families where our culture broadly finds itself. The men who I have spent time with recently give me great hope.


  1. Not the only ones taking a stand on the issue, when you look at the evangelical world - but I'd agree it's not the dominant position today.

  2. "this issue of egalitarianism and complementarianism is increasingly acting as the watershed distinguishing those who will accomodate Scripture to culture, and those who will attempt to shape culture by Scripture." Mark Dever