Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Lounge - Sunday 4th October

The candles were lit, the music was playing and the people arrived. We had a great night on Sunday getting to meet some new students and catching up with some old.

Tim Allen and Matt Giles played as our main acts before picking up the theme of the evening. "What are you living for?" The video clips from town was interesting and then I spoke for 10-15mins asking the big question, "What is your hearts desire?" "What do you want above all else?" I proposed the idea that this is an object of worship and therefore its worth asking, "Is this good for me?" Relationships, family, work, sex, morality? Are they good enough to give your life to?

We then opened up the text Q&A. Helpfully someone pointed out that I was flying low, there was a request for more men in Church (from Pompey) and some really good ones.

"How do I apply the idea of worshipping Jesus?"

"Why is Jesus so good that I should worship him?"

We then opened up the mic to bring the night home. We had a couple of great acts and many offering to play next time.

We were pleased with the evening. The team worked hard and were packing down late into the night. The Impacters are serving very well so far. As a team we have a few things to work on to make the evening more snappy. These evenings are designed to be very open for guests and also for regulars in Church. It was great to see a mixture on Sunday nights and we hope this continues...

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