Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Lounge - Sunday 18th October

We enjoyed another good evening in The Lounge. Music was played, we watched a video, I spoke and then we opened the mic.

Good music, great people.

The bar was packed, there were many new faces and our live acts were brilliant. The good music provided a backdrop for mates to catch up and a chance to meet new people. The open mic provided a chance for guests on the evening to contribute with a song or two. We had a talented pianist who played some great stuff. I particularly enjoyed his ‘jazzy number’.

Jesus hates religion.

It was good to be able to share some of the spice of the gospel to provoke thought for guests and to push for integrity from our Christians. The theme was morality and we looked at ‘being religious’, ‘being good’ and ‘gospel’. I talked about how people who make rules, fulfil them and then feel justified are by definition self righteous. They are in danger of pride or despair as they either succeed or fail. Whether religious or moral, Jesus may have attacked you for hypocrisy!

By contrast the Gospel says that we are all the same and offers us a free gift which gives no grounds to boast. Free from pride, despair, dead religion to life and knowing God. I invited our guests to consider this difference and suggested to Christians the dangers of religion and that we may owe people apologies for self righteous hypocrisy.

Pub preaching?

One of our guests described my talk as a combination of spirituality and stand up comedy. I hope my colloquial style is easy to receive in this context. The team seemed pleased and we are hoping more people will catch what we’re about and enjoy The Lounge.

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