Friday, 9 October 2009


'Kubernesis' translated 'gift of administration' in 1Cor12v28 is referring to the helmsman, pilot or ship master. The role involves implementing vision, releasing, planning, delegating and monitoring.

Those gifted at this task for the Church will need to be persuaded of the bigger picture. They need to have a deep conviction of the Church and a heart for the city.

5 duties of a navigator which are applicable to Church:

1) They know where we are going.
Know the heart and vision of the leaders.

2) They know where we are at the moment.
Measure and monitor how we are doing clearly and honestly.

3) They are able to communicate effectively with people.
Build teams, motivate and empower others to achieve our goals.

4) They are able to foresee problems and find solutions.
Offer innovation and ways of doing things more effectively.

5) They literally make things happen.
Own and love the vision.

Biblical examples:
Joseph Genesis 41v33-36
David 1 Chron 22v1-5
Moses Exodus 18v13-26
Jesus Matt 14v16-21

Without this gifting Churches will not run well. Leaders will not lead effectively and people will not hear about Jesus. This role is massive.

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