Saturday, 31 October 2009

Just a mum

This week my wife and I sat down to pray and plan the week ahead. I was struck by the river of blessing which flows out of a household when the wife can be released into a fuller homeward orientation.

Not valued or recognised by our culture, biblically this is a very high calling and I'm starting to see the fruit of it in my household. For some this is not possible at all. For some this could mean downsizing, for us it means not having loads of money but we feel its well worth the sacrifice.
Vision from God
"To love and worship Jesus through building a home that blesses, supports and helps my husband, disciples my children and influences the community for good." (Chlo's vision from Genesis 2v18 Titus 2).
My wife has had the time to read and research how to raise our boy. Both practically through the NCT website and spiritually through books like 'Shepherding a Child's Heart'. She is also enjoying reading John Stott's 'The cross of Christ' and 'Marriage to a Difficult Man' (!) by Sarah Edwards (Jonathan Edward's wife). Like all mums should be, she wants to be a good theologian for her role. This is not wasted on my boy and will serve our family well as it grows as well as our Church and community.
She handles much of the outflow of money from our household. My wife will spend thousands over the year. Her decisions and wisdom will largely determine how we go financially. She is a real giver and is often aware of needs and we are able to give small gifts to demonstrate her heart. She also hopes to use our garden at some point to grow as much food as she can (which at the moment is about 3 tomatoes).
Chlo was able to have 5 mums and babies over this week. Babies and toys everywhere. We were also able to have one of my best friends and his girlfriend round this week. Chloe has also been able to connect and share life with ladies on our square over the recent months.
Chloe and her friend organised and cooked for 21 guys who came round after Church on Sunday. We were able to have some good friends over and Chlo had three student girls over as she shares her life with those in our Church family. We had nearly 40 people (large and small) through our house this week.
She also goes through nearly every sermon with me that I preach. She offers much wisdom and many a sermon has been restarted from her direct and helpful comments. :-)
She has time to make our home nice! She does a lot of hard work around our home which releases blessing. This is such a gift for me and for others as they come into our home. :-)
Mary was just a mum as well. She raised Jesus - who saved the world, and James, who led a huge Church in Jerusalem.
It's amazing how God values and uses this role.
My wife did not catch this vision from our culture. She has cultivated it as she reads the Bible and draws close to God through various sources. I love her. She is the biggest blessing I have been given after Jesus himself. She is amazing. I know she is being challenged and stretched in all of the above. Especially as she is being woken up a few times a night by Rufio. She is a soldier who is strong and courageous as well as beautifully feminine.


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