Tuesday, 13 October 2009


This Sunday night some members of our Church met to spend some time drawing closer to God.

The event was called 'Closer'. It was a great evening. I particularly enjoyed praying for those in the Church who I hugely respect but do not get to catch that much time with. I love our people.

Prophetic words were shared, tongues were sung & interpreted, people sang spontaneous songs. The whole evening was about drawing close to God through prayer and intentionally opening our hearts and asking for more of God. All this was done under the oversight of our lead elder who both encouraged released and weighed words as we went.

I love the reading the Bible every day. I love hearing great preaching. I have seasons where I listen to a sermon a day. I love to study the Bible in detail. But I also really value time to just stand with my brothers and sisters and ask God for more of him through the gifts which he gives us by His Spirit. I'm glad this is going to be a monthly feature.

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