Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Band of Brothers

After eating, studying and praying, we made our way down to Heavitree Park for the 'Heavitree Olympics'. Great to get the guys together and really good to get to know some the freshers better.

Brilliantly organised by Joel and Mark, 2 teams, 5 events, 1 king of the ring.

Cream bandanna's vs. blue bandanna's we kicked off with three legged football. Despite the off the ball collisions from a certain Mobbs and Slater, the blues came up 1-0 winners. Always fun to score the winner especially when you are tied to a worship leader with a considerably sized glutes.

Pick pocket wrestling was next. We picked four of the keenest from our team to face the others. The long arms of Ryan Hanley were almost as impressive as his dress code. Stripey shorts up to his chest and hair everywhere made him easily the best dressed.

Dan Partridge was outstanding in frisbee showing he offers more than just chat. His long throws and the octopus arms of Jono made it 3-0 to the blue 'Rydogs'. Tug of war and stick wrestling brought us home. I got beaten up by Mark Williamson much to my frustration! To make matters worse I have a sore neck, shoulder and shin this morning.

I think we need to re asses as men as we now face the reality of Matt Giles as king of the ring. His intimidation tactic of shirt off, trousers up, war dancing while painting mud on his chest and face saw him go home with the trophy. This can't happen again.

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