Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Band of Brothers

Great to have the boys into my house on Sunday afternoon.

We ate together, opened the Bible together and prayed together. This was followed by the 'Heavitree Olympics'. Two teams, 5 events and one king of the ring!

Men’s Bible study 1 – ‘Gospel Men’

Kick off questions:

When you were growing up, who did you look at and think, ‘he is the man’!? Films,books,TV,Sports etc.
What does culture say about the differences between man and women?

Read Genesis chapter 1 v 26 – 28 & Genesis 2 v 15 – 18.

What do these verses tell us about…
Who made us?
Whose image/glory men and women are to equally reflect?
The different roles for men and women?
Mankind’s role on earth?
How God felt about this in his creation?

Sum up what a real man is according to Genesis 1 & 2?

Read Genesis 3 v 2 – 6

How did the man (Adam) fail?
Some men abuse, some men abdicate responsibility. In imaging God we are to morally perfect. How have we failed to be men? (Romans 3v23)
Can you think of anyone who has perfectly reflected the image of God, treated women well, always did the right thing, and taken responsibility? Read Hebrews 4v15.

What did his death achieve?
Matt 20v28 Romans 3v23 & 24 Romans 8v29

In light of the above, how has God helped us to become real men?
What is the first thing you need to do if you want to be a real man?
Who is our model of manhood?
What is the ultimate purpose of being a real man?

Read some of the following verses to get a flavor of this man who we will study in the following weeks…

Matt 23v33 John 2v14-16 Phil 2v8
John 11v33-35 Luke 7v13
A couple of verse to think about:
Ephesians 5v25-27 1 Tim5v8

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