Thursday, 29 October 2009


Another nice evening down at Nico's. Good to eat among friends and have a catch up. I was particularly pleased with the apple slices for pudding.
The subject for the evening was the Resurrection. John Fielder again spoke passionately and clearly and I found it really helpful.
I believe that Jesus physically died. I believe that he was physically and supernaturally brought back to life. Am I mad? Am I lying? or could this possibly be true? What are the implications if Jesus was raised to life? What does that mean for my Gran? What does this mean for the people in my city who die every day? What impact does this have on my life? How does this change my approach to death? What does this say about Jesus? What about other religions?
In our group the size of the claim was something that we considered. It was helpfully pointed out in our group the need for a scientific and thorough examination of the evidence. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 15 the implications if Jesus did not rise. (No forgiveness, preaching is pointless, faith is empty, the apostles are liars and all those who have died are lost.)
The stakes could not be higher. For those investigating or weighing up their faith, the Resurrection is a great place to go.

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