Thursday, 22 October 2009


Last night after meeting some new people and having a good meal among friends, I was reminded of the monumental nature of the claims of Jesus Christ.

John Fielder is an inspiring and passionate man who laid out some great teaching for us to consider.

If I was genuinely convinced that I was the president of the USA and told people I was for many years, I wonder what you would think of me. I would not be accepted as a sane balanced person. I would rule myself out of being a good moral teacher. Similarly if I thought I was a poached egg... even more so if I thought I was God.

Jesus claimed to be God. Last night we looked at six areas of evidence as we pondered the possibility that this man could have been what he claimed. These stand out to me...

1) His unrivalled moral teaching.
2) His breathtaking character and integrity.
3) His commitment to his claim even to torture and death.

In our group we landed on the importance of the reliability of the Bible and the NT documents to uphold the historical Jesus. A great point to make if we are to be persuaded.

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