Tuesday, 13 October 2009

8 Reasons God wants Christians to be part of a local Church

1) To meet with other believers/Church family. (Hebrews 10v25)

2) To worship God through Jesus. (Ephesians 5v19)

3) To be taught from the Bible. (Matt 28v20 2 Tim 4v2 Acts 2v42)

4) To celebrate communion. (Luke 22v19 Acts 2v42)

5) To baptize believers. (Matt 28v18-20)

6) To be under Godly authority of male elders. (1Tim3 Titus1 Acts14v23 Hebrews 13v17 1Peter 5v5.)

7) To be in environment where discipline functions for the good of all. (Matt 18v15-20 1Cor 4 Titus3v10)

8) To work together in loving the city. (John 17v18)

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