Friday, 11 September 2009

Teambuilding day 2

Day 2 on Dartmoor was testing in a different way.

Wrong direction?

Using a compass and directions we had to navigate to various points on a map. This was hard! We kept having to start again. We had to go back to what we knew for sure, and then re-do our steps several times!

Team challenge...

The final activity was designed to put all our skills together to complete a challenge. We had to find out who could raise the flag, a badge for them to wear, and the pole to raise our flag with.

We walked

We walked together along paths, through the trees. We scrambled over rocks. Navigation was particularly hard because of poor visibility but we kept plodding away all afternoon.

We climbed

Jono held the rope secure, Tim offered his body for a 'leggy' and standing on Tim's shoulders I climbed up the tree. The first attempt failed. Tim was not happy under my weight and a branch of the tree snapped off in my hand. This left me dangling over some rocks being held up by Jono!

We succeeded at the second attempt.

Rachel abseiled from the top of a rock to find the flag pole, Barry gave us directions and Nat raised the flag to complete the team challenge.

It was a good couple of days which we all enjoyed. I think it went someway to helping us develop as a team ready for a year of challenges...

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