Thursday, 3 September 2009

One Church - One vision - Two services...

Our lead elder Andy was on his feet last night casting the vision for the next step forward for our church.

One Church - One vision - Two services...

The Vision

We genuinely believe that Jesus is amazing and want to love and serve our city because of him and for him. We want more people to experience his grace and love. During term time on Sundays we fill the room by more than 80%. When we have our 'high Sundays' we are rammed in there!

We feel we have momentum as a church and want to provide space for expected growth. We want guests to feel welcome on arrival and see our church as a place where there is space for them to belong. We also want our members to have a renewed sense of mission as we seek to fill the services by bringing guests.

The Challenge

Running two services increases the need for volunteers. It was amazing last night to see so many members sign up for various areas in the church. Seeing people give up time and energy to serve Jesus is a great thing to witness. When you see that Jesus gave himself for you it changes your heart and gives you a hunger to serve others. The power of God is at work! We have many teams so there is much space to people who want to help.

Welcome Team
Steward Team
Drinks Team
AV Team
PA Team
Setup Team

It's a very exciting time for us as a church. I hope and pray these teams will grow and we will go on to bless more and more people in our city.

Roll on Sunday!


  1. Thats exciting.

    I know Andy from way back (he spoke at my wedding). I hope you find youselves at 80% in two services!