Friday, 4 September 2009

Need for Team

"You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things." (Mother Teresa)

"Plans are established by counsel; by wise guidance wage war." (Proverbs 20v18)

Jesus works together with the Father and Spirit in the Trinity.
Jesus worked with and sent the disciples.
Jesus commissioned and sent specific teams for specific tasks in the power of the Spirit.
Churches have eldership teams.
Elders appoint and equip ministry teams.
Every area of the Church has a team.
Marriages are complementary teams.
As a christian I'm part of a big family together on a mission - one big team!

The Christian life in every way is worked out in teams...

John Maxwell notes in his book, "The 17 Indisputable Laws Of Teamwork" the benefits and some of the challenges we face in building teams.
  • Teams involve more people, thus affording more resources, ideas and energy than would an individual.
  • Teams maximise individual potential by covering weaknesses.
  • Teams provide multiple perspectives and alternative ways of doing things.
  • Teams keep each other accountable to the goal/vision.
  • Teams share successes and defeats. This fosters humility and genuine community.

Threats to good teamwork:

  • Ego. You think you can do everything. "It marks a big step in development when you come to realize that other people can help you do a better job than you could do alone." Andrew Carnegie
  • Insecurity. Only secure leaders give power to others. Insecure leaders fear being replaced.
  • Ignorance. The bigger the dreams, the more the need for team. Some learn this too late, and as a result, they never accomplish their goals.
  • Temperament. Whether you are naturally inclined to be part of a team is really irrelevant. It takes a team to do anything of lasting value.

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