Monday, 10 August 2009

Acts Adventure

I am still reading the Bible chronologically. I'm reading my ESV Study Bible which is good for quick clarification without stopping and losing momentum.

I've also been really enjoying The Bible Podcast this summer(!).

Listening to the Bible read on my Ipod is not something that I have tried before. I've found it really good. I am currently in Acts and I'm well into the narrative.

  • Hearing Acts read chapter by chapter has helped me enter the drama of the story without distractions.
  • Listening while walking through my City to work, (as opposed to in the comfort of my home) has brought extra edge as I hear of the authorities opposing Paul.
  • It has left me longing for transformation and Gospel impact in my City as I hear of signs, wonders and salvation wherever the name of Jesus is preached.
  • It has been a great use of my journey time to work. At 5-7 minutes per chapter I can listen to a few chapters a day...

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