Monday, 27 July 2009

Scary Scripture

I used to read the Bible in the mornings. However, I have found my head was normally filled with whatever I did the previous evening. I seem to have a half hour window last thing at night which sticks in my thinking. So now I read my Bible in this slot...

I have enjoyed reading the Bible chronologically. It's the first time I've managed to keep going through the whole of scripture and stay mostly 'with it'. I've particularly enjoyed hitting the New Testament over the last few weeks and seeing Jesus' ministry unfold.

As I lay in bed with my wife (who is normally feeding Rufus at this time) I have found Jesus to be utterly unpredictable. At times he comforts with such compassion and affection it warms your heart while other times he attacks with real verbal aggression. At times I had found this shocking.

Turning tables over, making whips...

Stinging parables...

"You hypocrites!"

"You serpents. You brood of vipers, How are you to escape being sentenced to Hell ?"

"Blind guides!"

If I walked in on one of our church members speaking to anyone like this I would automatically assume that they are sinning against those who they are insulting. I wonder what I would have felt if I had been standing with the Religious leaders of the day when Jesus unleashes.

Jesus loves some attitudes and hearts. He definitely hates others.

I found Mark Driscoll's talk very convicting on this whole area. I would say that its worth checking out:


I tremble.

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