Monday, 20 July 2009

6 Reasons I love student work in Exeter

1. It is my University.

I went to Exeter Uni where I lived in halls, studied Economics and Politics and played a lot of rugby. I even randomly played a match for the football team last year. I sang, "Oh Exeter is wonderful..." and I enjoy hating Loughborough Uni. Exeter Uni probably is the best uni in the world.

2. My time at uni shaped my life forever.

It was at university where I met my best friend who became my best man. It was at uni he told me about Jesus. It was at university where I met my wife. It was at university I fell into Frontiers Church Exeter.

3. The students are brilliant.

My brother in-law is currently at Exeter Uni. It's great to hang out with him and some of his boys, encouraging them in the Lord. We have a handful of student girls in our homegroup who have been a true blessing to Chloe and I. Many students serve in our Church in many areas: set up, kids work, worship, student work and teaching and preaching. Many hours have been given by students over the last few years. A good number have stayed in Exeter and continue to play key roles in the Church. :-)

4. University life is a unique opportunity for the Gospel.

At uni you have more social interaction with more people at a greater depth than at any other time in your life. Within the first couple of weeks everyone has 'Freshers Flu'. STD's get passed around like mince pies at Christmas (no-one wants them but everyone has them.) Gossip flies around at a rapid rate as you hear of crazy antics amongst your peers. This cultural dynamic can be used for good! To love people, stay pure, and for the gospel to be passed around - fast!

5. There is a need for sound teaching.

As a church we have been able to serve students well in the most simple ways of following the Lord. We have seen people meet Jesus, baptized many, seen people introduced to empowering or baptism in the Holy Spirit. Many have caught a high view of local church. We have also been able to teach the cross in its fullness and helped young men and women see something of the roles that God has for them.

6. Exeter students are culture shapers.

We hope that those who leave Exeter will be on fire for Jesus and use positions of influence to change our culture for good. Teachers, doctors, policemen, journalists, researchers, civil servants and lawyers will leave Exeter University every year. Exeter is ranked 9th in the UK as a uni. This puts us in a place of strategic importance. Revival in Exeter would literally send ripples across the nation.


  1. That's six, cos you missed #5.
    Apart from that, brilliant.

  2. Thanks mate. I think I need a new proof reader/some sleep errr...

  3. :) I agree with all your reasons and there's probably endless more amazing things too. And I get to stack up the reasons I love student work in Falmouth, Truro, Plymouth, Bristol and Bath too!

  4. I had no idea there was an Exeter - Loughborough rivalry... where on earth does that stem from?